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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Information Roadmap for Oracle WebLogic Server
11g Release 1 (10.3.4)

Part Number E14529-04
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5 Sample Application and Code Examples

Through a custom installation and selecting to install the Server Examples, you have access to code examples and sample applications that offer several approaches to learning about and working with WebLogic Server.

API Examples

WebLogic Server optionally installs API code examples in WL_HOME\samples\server\examples\src\examples, where WL_HOME is the top-level directory of your WebLogic Server installation, and makes them available from the Start menu. On Linux and other platforms the Examples Server can be started from the WL_HOME/samples/domains/wl_server directory.

The default administration username and password for the Examples domain is weblogic/welcome1.


If you change the password of the user weblogic, WebLogic Server may fail to boot. For more information and workarounds, see "Limitation Regarding User weblogic" in Managing Server Startup and Shutdown for Oracle WebLogic Server.

The examples are grouped in the following categories; the directory that contains the examples of a particular category is in parentheses:

Avitek Medical Records

Avitek Medical Records (or "MedRec") is a comprehensive educational sample application that demonstrates WebLogic Server and Java EE features, as well as best practices. If you select to install the Server Examples, Avitek Medical Records is available from the Start menu on Windows machines. On Linux and other platforms it can be started from the WL_HOME/samples/domains/medrec directory, where WL_HOME is the top-level installation directory for WebLogic Server.

The sample application, MedRec (Spring) demonstrates Spring application development practices.

The default administration username and password for the Medical Records domain is weblogic/welcome1.

Derby Open-Source Database

Derby is an open source relational database management system based on Java, JDBC, and SQL standards. It is bundled with WebLogic Server for use by the sample applications and code examples as a demonstration database. For more information about Derby, see