Oracle Coherence for the Microsoft .Net

Oracle Coherence for the Microsoft .NET framework extends the power of the Oracle Coherence data grid to .NET applications. It is the first data grid solution written natively in .NET technology to provide scalable and reliable data management for .NET applications, including support for Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) and C#. It opens a variety of possibilities for the Microsoft .NET community by enabling native .NET support for data grid access.

Real-Time Management for Microsoft .NET Applications

Access to the data grid – Oracle Coherence provides scalable, real-time data management for Microsoft .NET applications with native VB.NET and C# connectivity to the Oracle Coherence data grid and powerful data-grid-based analytics, transactions, and event processing.

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Real-time access – Oracle Coherence provides scalable client access from desktop applications into an Oracle Coherence data grid. With first-class access to data across the entire enterprise, users have an instantaneous view of updated data locally on their desktops as soon as it changes anywhere in the data grid.
Session store – Oracle Coherence provides transparent session-state data management for Microsoft ASP.NET applications, enabling increased application performance, significant concurrent user scalability, and automatic isolation of applications from server and network failures.
Local and clustered caching – You can access any Oracle Coherence cache running in the data grid, including replicated and partitioned caches, and receive real-time events from the data grid as changes occur.
Local cache – High-performance, in-process cache implementation that supports read-through and write-through to pluggable persistent stores, such as databases.
Near cache – Fronts a fault-tolerant, scalable data grid cache with a local cache. The near cache invalidates front cache entries, using a configurable invalidation strategy, and provides excellent performance and synchronization with the data grid.
Continuous query cache – Combines a data grid query result with a continuous stream of related events that maintain the query result locally in a real-time fashion.
Clustered data grid services – You can harness Oracle Coherence data grid services from within .NET applications, perform custom operations in parallel on any number of cluster nodes, and aggregate and process data in parallel within the data grid through the use of distributed agents.
Transparent data transformation – Oracle Coherence provides transparent conversion to and from Java and .NET datatypes, including custom application user types. This enables .NET applications to access cached Java objects as native .NET objects and Java applications, including data grid members and Java clients, to access cached .NET objects as native Java objects. Oracle Coherence provides support for versioning of .NET user types to allow for their evolution over time. This enables both forward and backward compatibility of user types.
ASP.NET session store provider – Oracle Coherence scales to hundreds of servers and provides automatic failover for HTTP session data. It handles even huge HTTP sessions with ease, has no session stickiness requirements, and requires no code changes to existing ASP.NET 2.0 Web applications.