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Class LexiComparator

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class LexiComparator
extends java.lang.Object
implements Comparator

This class implements a lexicographical Comparator for Strings. Clients should generally use StringComparator, as this class does not provide proper locale-specific ordering. However, the default Java text collators require loading very large (hundreds of K) tables, so, if a particular sort does not require language-specific ordering, this class may offer improved performance and reduced memory requirements.

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Method Summary
 int compare(java.lang.Object o1, java.lang.Object o2)
          Implement the Comparator interface.
static Comparator getComparator()
          Returns the shared instance.
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Method Detail


public static Comparator getComparator()
Returns the shared instance.


public int compare(java.lang.Object o1,
                   java.lang.Object o2)
Implement the Comparator interface.
Specified by:
compare in interface Comparator

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