Interface PositionedIterator

public abstract interface PositionedIterator
extends ResultSetIterator

An interface implemented by all iterators that employ a by-position binding strategy. All such iterators depend on the position of the columns of the data to which they are bound, as opposed to the names of the columns to which they are bound.

In addition to implementing this interface, position-bound iterator implementations will provide:

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Method Summary
 boolean endFetch()
          Returns true iff the iterator is not positioned on a row.
Methods inherited from interface sqlj.runtime.ResultSetIterator
clearWarnings, close, getFetchSize, getResultSet, getSensitivity, getWarnings, isClosed, next, setFetchSize

Method Detail


public boolean endFetch()
                 throws java.sql.SQLException
Returns true iff the iterator is not positioned on a row. This method is used to determine the success of a FETCH..INTO statement; it returns true if the last attempt to fetch a row failed, false if the last attempt was successful. Rows are attempted to be fetched when the next method is called (which is called implicitely during the execution of a FETCH..INTO statement). Note: If next has not yet been called, this method returns true;

A common usage of this method is as follows:

while (true) {
 #sql { FETCH :c INTO ... };
 if (c.endFetch()) break;
java.sql.SQLException - if a databse access error occurs
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