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public interface PackageRepository

Interface used to store a collection of "Optional Packages" (formerly known as "Standard Extensions"). It is assumed that each "Optional Package" is represented by a single file on the file system.

This repository is responsible for storing the local repository of packages. The method used to locate packages on local filesystem and install packages is not specified.

For more information about optional packages, see the document Optional Package Versioning in the documentation bundle for your Java2 Standard Edition package, in file guide/extensions/versioning.html


$Revision: 1.5 $ $Date: 2001/12/11 09:53:34 $
Peter Donald

Method Summary
 OptionalPackage[] getOptionalPackages(Extension extension)
          Return all the OptionalPackages that satisfy specified Extension.

Method Detail


public OptionalPackage[] getOptionalPackages(Extension extension)
Return all the OptionalPackages that satisfy specified Extension.
extension - Description of the extension that needs to be provided by optional packages
See Also:
#getOptionalPackage(), OptionalPackage, Extension

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