Cloudscape DBMS

Before a J2EE application can access a Cloudscape database, the Cloudscape server must be started. For instructions, see the Cloudscape Server section of the Java(TM) 2 SDK, Enterprise Edition Developer's Guide. The driver for the Cloudscape server is already configured in the $J2EE_HOME/config/ file. No further changes by you are necessary.

The Cloudscape product embedded in the J2EE SDK is intended for use by enterprise beans. If you want to use Cloudscape as a stand-alone product (as shown in the "Getting Started with Cloudscape" document) then you should download Cloudscape from their web site ( The instructions in the "Getting Started with Cloudscape" document will not work with the version of Cloudscape embedded in the J2EE SDK.

The following links point to the Cloudscape documentation included in this download bundle: