Ode To Ancient Rome -II…


Channel: Michael Levy
Duration: 11:9
Description: A detailed discussion, followed by a live performance of track 1 of my new album, “Ode To Ancient Rome” – out now on iTunes: http://bit.ly/yKJRvI
This album is the sequel to my album, “Echoes of Ancient Rome” – both albums feature my evokation of the sadly lost music of ancient Rome, inspired by the Temples & gods of ancient Rome, in a set of original compositions for replica Kithara-style lyre, composed in a selection of authentic ancient musical modes.
“Ode To Ancient Rome” will be released on iTunes by mid March 2012.
Published: February 17, 2012 7:26 pm

Ode to Ancient Rome


Channel: Michael Levy
Duration: 3:43
Description:  …I wonder what Orpheus would have thought of this?? The melody forms track 1 of my 2012 album of the same title, “Ode to Ancient Rome” – available from all major digital music stores: http://www.ancientlyre.com/ancient_roman_themed_albums/ode_to_ancient_rome/
The ‘live’ rendition in this video, is performed on the iconic Greco-Roman kithara of classical antiquity, hand-made in modern Greece by Luthieros: http://en.luthieros.com/product/cithara-of-the-golden-age-ancient-greek-cithara-9-strings-top-quality-handcrafted-musical-instrument
The original recording on the album “Ode to Ancient Rome”, featured my treble 10-string lyre by Marini Made Harps, tuned in authentic pure just intonation (Ptolemy’s Intense Diatonic). The geometric purity of musical intervals in just intonation, for me, enhances the distinctively poignant quality of the ancient Greek Phrygian Mode in which this piece is written (equivalent of D-D on the white notes of the piano and misnamed the ‘Dorian’ mode by scholars in the early Middle Ages).
Although no actual music of ancient Rome has sadly survived, about 60 fragments of ancient Greek music have been preserved, written in an unambiguous alphabetic notation, whereby specific alphabetical symbols represented specific pitches. Since the Romans borrowed so much of their artistic and architectural styles from the Greeks, it follows that they probably did the same with their lost music, no doubt including the use of the ancient Greek musical modes and intonations…
Published: May 17, 2018 11:51 am

Discover Ancient Rome in Google Earth


Channel: Google
Duration: 1:51
Description: See Rome as it looked in 320 AD and fly down to see famous buildings and monuments in 3D. Select the “Ancient Rome 3D” layer under Gallery in Google Earth. Download Google Earth at http://earth.google.com/rome/
Published: November 11, 2008 10:52 pm

Vespasian’s attack on Jotapata


Channel: BBC Studios
Duration: 4:6
Description: Vespasian’s attack on Jotapata is remembered as a classic of Roman seige tactics. Week after week their attacks were repulsed by the Jews. When Vespasian ‘testudo’ tactic fails, he calls upon his son Titus to turn the situation around. The descent of a thick fog finally gives Titus and his men the opportunity to approach the fortress undetected. Having scaled the walls, Titus and his men then set about crushing the rebellion. Contains scenes of moderate violence.
Published: June 17, 2010 11:25 am