Veda and Greece: Creating a New Golden Age


Channel: Peter F Freund
Duration: 54:3
Description: The creativity of ancient Greece became the rich fountainhead of all of Western civilization. Prof. Ken Chandler shows that the source of the greatness of Greece was the direct experience of infinite pure consciousness through the mysteries of Eleusys, by which every year thousands of Greeks learned to close the eyes and fathom their own inner unboundedness. Chandler concludes that Greek philosophy was not speculative, was not “thinking about thinking,” but was based on deep experience of the reality of the oneness of all creation, a theme carried forward in the writings of all the great men of both East and West. The mysteries of ancient Greece that gave rise to the glorious Periclean Age were technologies of consciousness, and the revival of those ancient technologies for experiencing the infinite in this generation can give rise to a new Golden Age for all mankind.
Published: November 2, 2013 9:15 pm

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