Duration: 12:43
Description: Felix lands in ancient Greece where he meets the shepherd Alexander who wants to win the discus throw in the Olympic games. Alexander’s opponent is the arrogant athlete Adonis. A host of Greek gods are hidden among the audience; Zeus favours Alexander, but Hades is crazy about Adonis. In the first of three tries, Adonis lands the discuss in the dirt, so it won’t be difficult for Alexander to win the first round. Then follows the deciding throw – which Adonis completely muddles. Alexander is now certain he can do better, but gets distracted by Aphrodite, and lands the disk right in front of him. Adonis’ discus then flies a great distance. With Felix cheering him on, Alexander then makes an incredible throw… yet the discus will then mysteriously disappear! The referee declares Adonis as the winner, but Felix cannot accept this, and demands that Alexander throw another object of the same weight, so Felix quickly puts several stones of similar weight in his suitcase. Alexander sees a new chance and swirls Felix’s suitcase further than Adonis’ discus. Alexander is declared the first winner of the Olympic Games, and Felix is honoured with a crown.
Published: September 14, 2014 7:27 pm